I'm Susanna, and I'm honoured that you took the time to read about my work.

I am a Brisbane based self taught artist who loves to explore colour, movement and emotion through my pieces. My art is birthed from times of meditation and quiet stillness, centred around deep themes that correspond to the heart and all it's intricacies. I'm learning to loose control, to let my Maker create the beauty and my hands just learn to surrender. The process is what shapes my heart the most, and I’m constantly challenged to create more and more as my heart is laid bare in the frustrations and beauty of creating art.
My desire is that my art would speak deeply to hearts about love, joy and belonging. That what I create, what I write, what flows out of little me would inspire, encourage and motivate you to find out who you truly are. Every time I pick up a brush or write from my heart, I get a little glimpse of the fullness of who God is making me to be. And I hope my art helps you to do that also. 

What a beautiful Creator we have! I pray that this is truly revealed through my journey and creativity.

Thanks for reading! You're amazing!

Susanna x