#2 Thoughts on breakthrough

When He speaks - let your heart hear.. because although you cling to those insecurities, those past habits and ideals like a comforting blanket around you... they can't lead you into your true identity. The Father says let go, He says 'don't look back and instead let me lead you.’ He says that there is no need for you to carry this blanket anymore, even for emergencies.. because you have His embrace. But yet sometimes you still choose to pick it up again and favour comfort of the insecurity over His perfect embrace.He says let it go, and let me lead you…. And when you’re not sure of what the future holds, when you’re feeling anxious about the details of life and where the provision will come from next - let your security rest in who he is. Let your peace lie in His embrace, and let your joy be revealed in the beauty of who Jesus is. Don’t let the details overwhelm you. Look into His eyes. When you’re in worship and your head aches, instead of giving up - let him whisper his beautiful breath of fresh love into your spirit… and when your heart can’t contain the joy of the moment - let the tears fall over. Because he speaks both in the loud, overwhelming praise, as much as the still, quiet voice.

And when the words aren’t coming, when you don’t feel the passion for the prayer your praying - ask for the Fathers beautiful heart. His heart doesn’t stop breaking, and will never stop breaking until heaven comes to earth. Just a tiny touch of his perspective is all you need for your heart to break for what breaks his own. All you need is one touch of his joy to be over filled with joy… all you need is one moment to quiet your spirit and reach into his heart for more. More of his glory, more of his peace, more of his love for others. Just reach in.. all you need is there.

And when the wall of tiredness, apathy or just the wall of life that threatens your ability to engage with Him.. hold on. Breakthrough is coming like the rain, like the beautiful dawn that Jesus breathes his life into. Don’t let the wall determine your perspective of Him.. but instead let your perseverance be made complete in the beautiful history that you have already walked with Him. The rain will come, it always has.. just like the dawn, sure and steady.

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Psalm 34:10