#3 Dreams from His heart

The other night I had a dream. In my dream I knew I was dreaming, and I knew that God was speaking to me. The exact words aren’t clear - more of an impression of His heart - I knew he was speaking to my spirit. He was speaking encouragement. That even when I can't tell if I'm growing in this season, he's strengthening my spirit and spirit man to be stronger than it’s ever been. He’s growing my capacity to hear him and to operate out of the overflow of his heart rather than the striving of my own.

For the past two days these thoughts from this dream haven’t left my mind.. even though the dream’s pictures have faded, it was a completely new experience to me to hear Jesus speak to my heart so clearly while I was sleeping.

There’s been so many highs and lows over the past two weeks - beautiful times in the prayer room full of intimacy with Jesus, mixed with days of weakness and distraction. Times of prayer where my heart is burdened with the Fathers heart and the words come easy - and other days when my mind can only think of the next snack… or is distracted with the realities of life.

But then He speaks, and in a way he hasn’t before. A dream. An impression of his heart for me - to build my spirit stronger than ever before. That even when I feel weak, and the hours in the prayer room drag, and my mind is everywhere that it shouldn’t be - that he’s still growing my spirit. That even when I can’t feel his presence and my prayers feel empty - that the words of my mouth to build his church are building my spirit.

I felt him clearly say that this season is a strengthening season for what is to come.. that this beautiful history I already carry with the Father is only the beginning of a life of surrender to Him.. and that he wants my heart ready. Really ready.

I hope that my journey of learning his beautiful plan of surrender will strengthen and encourage your own heart today - let him speak to the depths of your heart. He longs to do so.