It's only You

Jesus, let your perspective be the first thing we run to in the unknown and the very thing we look too when we think we know. Even in our pride and in our humility - it's only You.

It's only You that reveals all the parts of our heart and lays bare the beauty and the parts still to receive their beauty. It's You that speaks in the sweet sweet whisper and in the Aslan-like roar. It's You that breathes flowers of love on the tears we shed as we break open the shards of our souls to be reformed by Your loving touch. It's You that cultivates those tears into gardens of joy and honour, into fields of laughter and deep wells of everlasting water that quench every thirst. It's You that in humility became a man in order that we would have the culture, the DNA of heaven planted inside our spirits.. your own sweet Spirit..

It's You that smiles over us. The Man who's kindness never ceases to amaze our little eyes with wonder and hearts with deep gratitude. It's Your kindness that calls our hearts higher when we run in the midst of transition... and your grace that reminds us that You're the only Source that can truly lead us.

It's You that is imparting your Kingdom DNA into lovers all over the earth, calling her forth from her workplace prisons and cubicles, from her school rooms and uni lecture halls. To love their lives to life again and breathe your sweet honey presence into every place they walk. 

It's You that's calling Your Bride to make herself ready, to write this as her banner across her head and a flag she carries high.. that she is one that loves with a radical abandonment. That recklessly pursues intimacy and desires only her Lover as the true lover of her soul. To obey without counting the cost because her love doesn't have a measure and can't be bought or sold by the world's values. It's You that's calling her to willingly lay down her life as a Bride that loves enough to obey with deep joy coursing through her every vein. It's the yes that says no to letting the mundane steal her of joy, and it's the yes that lets His every thought enter into her every movement. She's bright, she has vision, she's dangerously humble and her surrender makes passes by turn their heads with deep longing.

It's You that's making the student aware of her need to be taught, and it's You that's heating up the story until she has no choice but to only look at You.. You're teaching her to let her sweet sweet honey ooze out of every pore, out of every thought and word spoken. It's You that's calling the broken and needy to have a taste, to see that Your Bride is the sweetest of them all.. and her arms are open.. letting the sweet honey cover every bruise, every sexual assault, every egotistical statement and every single insecurity that the world has thrown. Because she's also Your Bride.. she just doesn't know it yet.

It's You that's bringing in all the types and emotions, all the stragglers and every fringe person that has never had a true friend. It's You that's speaking life over the prostitute and speaking identity over the men that have used her. It's You that's replacing materialism with desire for intimacy and tall poppy syndrome with freedom to enjoy each others victories. It's You that is sending out your honey dripping covered Bride to cover every person she meets with the fragrance of freedom - and they come running in droves and droves, hungry for more, hungry for a longer taste. 

It's You that's toppling earthly kingdoms and using their human pride for your own good, and for the good of your lovers. It's You that's releasing missionaries to reach the farthest reaches of the earth and allowing the pastor to authentically love even when the dynamics get tough. It's You that's branding 'no compromise' on the arm of every leader, every shepherd and every apostle. Letting their yes to you shake away the chaff of the world as they hold their beautiful wound high with the mixture of the pain and joy it carries; screaming that He is enough and he will always be enough. That no pedestal, platform or influence could ever woo their affections even an inch away from their true love.

It's You that's waking and stirring up the sleeping, the ones that aren't even aware they need You. It's You that's planting the lonely in families and giving the orphan a family. It's You that's bringing in the kids from the streets and it's You that's planting dreams of greatness through surrender in their sleep. 

And how? Through your lovers, your sweet Bride.

It's only through You. It's only from rest. And it's only for You.

Susanna AprilComment