So here it goes..

For a while now I’ve known. That the season is shifting, that things are changing.

A few weeks ago I began to feel that maybe there was something new God had for me to do.. and let’s be honest, I’ve tried and failed about 10 times now to start blogging. I’ve tried wordpress, wix, tumblr, probably used FB wrongly far too many times.. and lately Instagram.. which I’m realising is really not the most ideal place to write paragraph after paragraph of my feelings (yes - big feeler here!).

But here I am, again, starting fresh, but this time with perspective, with purpose. Over the past year God has taken me on a journey of discovering my place in the creative world, of writing beautiful words that speak deeply to the heart.. but lately I’ve been realising that that’s not enough. I post things that stir my heart and spirit, and often feel that it’s only grating the surface of what really needs to be said.

So here I am. About to enter a new season.. both in the spiritual and the natural.

So, comes to my second reason for this blog...

The past couple of months He’s been teaching me what it means to be truly surrendered, yielded, undone, to everything he has for us.

In about four months my husband Nick and I are heading on an exciting adventure, quitting our jobs, packing up everything and heading to the International House of Prayer for a season of training, prayer and worship.

This has been something so huge on my heart for so long, and for both of us it’s not only a huge life change, but also a massive faith step.
It means sacrifice, giving up things we love (like my inks!) and exchanging them for things we want to grow in (like blogging.. blehh). It means being challenged in our spiritual gifts, and it means praying in a way we’ve never prayed before. It means learning to really lean on God for everything, learning to stay surrendered to his beautiful plan, and most of all learning not to take control the moment things get messy.

My biggest hope and prayer is that through this season, through blogging and sharing about what God is teaching me, the challenges and highs and lows, that not only will my heart become more surrendered to His ways, but that yours will also.

Even if no one ever reads this blog.. this place will be a place to write and share my thoughts, my heart, the little things that grow and the big things that REALLY grow. This place will be a place to read back over and see what God has done, and then just be like WOW.. because the journey means that we're never the same. That He is constantly maturing, speaking, leading, correcting and positioning us for the next thing he wants to do.. it's a beautiful circle of His grace and love.

Surrendered hearts & surrendered lives, on a journey of letting the One that knows all, yet loves unconditionally, lead and guide.

It leaves me excited, breathless, hopeful, maybe a little stressed with the process, but oh so glad to continue to rest in who He is. Joy. Peace. Always available, always there. Yes.