thoughts from mozambique.

Living in Mozambique has been such a beautiful season with the Lord for me… and even as I type my eyes can’t focus from the tears because I am SO overwhelmingly thankful that he would take our little yes, and take us on such a journey of learning to be like Him. It’s all about character. It’s all about Jesus.. and it’s so all about asking him to help us look more like him.

When we packed up everything over a year and a half ago, all we really knew was that God had more for us than what we could see. We had no idea that the greatest lesson he would teach us was through those that would never be known, would never have a facebook profile or would leave their own country. The people here have impacted and changed my heart in a way that nothing else could. Of course the teaching from Harvest School has been amazing, and God has brought such beautiful revelation to my heart.. but the most beautiful revelation he has brought is seeing Jesus in the ones we meet.

This week I found myself sitting down with the sweet little ones are the Iris base gate, and although I got bitten by a fire ant on my bum, I truly saw Jesus in their eyes. I saw him in the eyes of Flora, who had her little sister Cici strung on her back. I saw him through Aurealia, who’s name means beautiful. As I gazed into their eyes, as they asked for water, as I saw the weight of poverty on their shoulders, I saw Jesus. And then there was Susanna - the sweetest one of all because she shares my precious name - a name that means purity, that means a lily - a beautiful rose. As I held her in my arms, her bloated hard stomach pinched my heart. I was so grateful that Jesus would let me feel a little of what he does for her.

As I gave my small offering of biscuits and water, I saw a King born in a manger and the compassion he felt for the hungry multitudes. Jesus showed us that love has to look like something. That words are are so so small unless actions follow. Truly, there is no greater honour than to love the least of these, and my heart aches that my pride has blinded my eyes from truly seeing His favourite ones - whether in Africa, Australia, or anywhere else in the world.

As we washed the feet of our Mozambican brothers - the bible school students that we are share small groups with - I saw Him again. I saw that there is truly no fame in the stage, no fame in being known, in being understood or even listened to - but as Herodias and our friend Callisto washed our feet all I could think about was how famous they are in heaven. Every day this week they have worn the exact same old dirty shirts, but still greeted us with a kind, gentle smile. These men literally give up everything to come and learn about Jesus, most can’t read, and nearly all don’t speak English and have never left their home province before now - but to God, they are mega church pastors that have all the authority of heaven placed in their hands.

Oh the humility of having the layers and layers of red dirt washed from my feet by these men - I’ve never felt so honoured before. Jesus - give me that humilty, that you would teach me little by little what it looks like to lower myself to the level that you did. My heart is beginning to understand the beautiful gift you gave your disciples as you, the King of the entire universe, the firstborn of all creation, the one who breathed earth into exsistense, washed their feet. Thank you Jesus.