When our eyes wander..

Last week had such beautiful potential for me to be at rest and in complete surrender to Jesus. When we have weeks like this one, it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch us, to use the things He’s teaching us.. but instead, I started to let worry and anxiety trickle back in.

We started looking into flights and all the details for our trip to the US, and I know from the moment I started thinking about it that I had the choice to enter into worry and stress, or to let God handle it.. He is the master craftsman of flying, he could get us there without even hopping on a plane, and yet, there I was, sitting at my computer googling every option under the sun freaking out about how much it was going to cost.

It wasn’t till I sat down to try and sort out my frazzled brain that I realised that this whole week I’ve spent thinking - but not thinking through His eyes. His beautiful, perfect eyes - when I look into them all fear, worry and stress evaporates.. and I remember who I am, and who he has created me to be.

When we think through His eyes, when we filter every thought, every action, through the lens of Jesus.. things start to get shaken up, they start to get a bit radical and look a bit different. They start to look like taking the option that the world says is crazy, and making it your ONLY option and without a back up plan - because you trust in those eyes with such a tenacity and passion, that nothing else looks appealing but to follow where they lead you.

I sat down tonight to write something, anything.. and was profoundly met again by the revelation of combating worry with resting in who he is - the truth of his promises..

We choose to enter into worry and stress, even though we KNOW they don’t help, satisfy, or bring anything good into our lives. We still choose them, even though we know they're not good for us. We choose to worry over the silliest little pathetic things that God could just wipe away in a moment, instead of choosing to fix our eyes on him. The more we worry, the harder it gets to lock eyes with him and the harder it gets to trust. The harder it gets to remember that same passion and tenacity that we had.

When we first felt God was saying to us to trust him for thousands of dollars to get us to the next place he has for us - my first response was worry.. days of worry, doubt, and fear.. followed by this revelation. Once I fixed my eyes firmly again - oh how much easier it got to trust, to listen, and to lean in without holding back! The enemy does everything he can to try and cloud our minds with worry.. he can’t stand looking at Jesus’ face, and so as soon as we choose to lock eyes with Him, we instantly banish the enemy’s power over us to worry.

So today I'm choosing to remember the trust I have in Him - the tenacity, the passion He gives when my eyes are fixed on his only.

I pray that my little journey encourages you today. x